Jessica Daniel: How to get your name in Thicker Than Water

July 15, 2013

Almost exactly a year ago, I offered readers the chance to ask me a bunch of questions for a reader interview. I answered a fair few of them at the back of Jessica 4: Think of the Children.

I’m going to do the same for the back of Jessica 6: Thicker Than Water. This is your opportunity to ask me anything you like: About me, about the books, the characters, the plots, influences – anything. Be as creative as you want.

There is only one rule. When you ask, tell me your name and where you’re from. This can be as vague as you want – Joe Smith, Lancashire is fine, as is Joe Smith, Chorlton if you are happy to be more specific. Your name will be at the back of the book with your question and the answer.

I might not be able to use everything but I’ll put in what I can. I will only answer one question per person – but, if you prefer, you can ask two or three and I’ll pick my favourite.

When Thicker Than Water comes out in October, you’ll be able to skip to the back to see if your question has been answered.

Some of you might want to wait until you’ve finished Playing with Fire, so I’ll accept questions until 6pm BST on 18 August.

How to ask a question

If you are happy to ask in public, or if you want to see what others are asking, you can go through Facebook or Twitter – else email me.

Questions from last time:

-1- Do you agree with everything your characters say and do or is it just for fictional purposes?
-2- What is your favourite part of the series?
-3- Has your style of writing been modelled on anyone else’s?
-4- When you start writing a book, do you write a synopsis of the plot and characters, or do you just have a sudden brainstorm of an idea and start writing?
-5- What gave you the idea to create a character like Jessica Daniel? Her manners, her style, her way of thinking . . . she is quite peculiar but she is really close to reality.
-6- You managed to create a woman who is not just the typical fantasy image. How did you manage to conjure up such a character?
-7- Do you always know the end of the story when you start a book?
-8- How do you come up with the different characters in your books? Are they based upon people in your life?
-9- Who was your favourite or most memorable author growing up and why?
-10- Are there ever any points in the writing process when you decide on a certain point but then later go back and change it thinking it would fit better?
-11- Is there anything you wish you could have changed about the characters or storylines before they became so popular?
-12- Why are your books based in Manchester and why do you choose the specific locations?
-13- Where do you get the ideas for the stories from for your books?
-14- Do you create Jessica first and then build up the story and the plot around her and her colleagues?