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It’s the early hours of the morning and Rose Denton wakes up behind the steering wheel of her car. She’s off the road, through a hedge and in a field. There’s blood on the windscreen and bonnet – but it’s not hers and there’s no sign of anything or anyone she might have hit. She was in a hotel on a business trip but now she’s miles away.

Back home and her daughter’s boyfriend is missing. The last thing he did was argue with Rose over money. He left no note, no text, no anything.

The police have questions – and so does Rose’s family. But those are little compared to the ones she has for herself.

What happened last night? And, perhaps more importantly, does she really want to know the answer?


Seventeen years ago, Damian Walker abducted five women because the voices in his head told him to. Now he has been declared sane and is about to be released back onto Manchester’s streets with a new identity.

But within hours, there is another attack similar to his previous ones. Walker has proof it’s not him – but is he reliable, and, if so, who is trying to frame him?

DI Jessica Daniel and her chief are given a parallel task to the main investigation: Keep an eye on Walker – but that’s not all Jessica has to do.

Rock star Blaine Banner is playing a series of homecoming gigs but is convinced someone’s trying to kill him, while a bride-to-be is picketing the police station, demanding someone finds her missing fiancé.

All the while, faces from Jessica’s past are watching and waiting. Someone wants a word…


26 JULY 2018

Seventeen-year-old Eleanor Parker wakes with a splutter and a cough. It’s the early hours of a Sunday morning and she’s in the river that runs through the centre of her village with no memory of how she got there.

All she has is an overwhelming sense that something bad happened to her. No, something worse than bad. As terrible as it gets.

She remembers a hand on her chest, another on her head, water in her throat, those final gasps for air.

But if she drowned, then why is she still alive?

And if someone killed her, then who?



For Charley Willis and Seth Chambers, it is the happiest day of their lives. They’ve just got married: rings swapped, vows spoken, ‘you may now kiss the bride’ and all that. Only the cake-cutting and first dance to go. But hours after the ceremony, Charley is missing.

It’s not like her. She’s spent her adult life trying to avoid the spotlight; shying away from magazine deals and documentary crews. She craves a normal life.

Charlotte was thirteen and hiding in her wardrobe when someone broke into her house and killed her parents. To outsiders, they were TV presenter Paul and his lifestyle guru wife, Annie. To Charlotte, they were Mum and Dad.

The killer was never found and 15 years have passed.

The so-called Willis family curse is back and Seth’s nightmare is only just beginning.