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We all remember that one magical summer that changed our lives.

For Joe, it’s 1999. School is over, and with zero idea of what he’s meant to do for the rest of his life, he’s reluctantly accepted a job at the local summer camp. Anything to drown out the sharp grief of missing his dad and move on from what school calls his ‘anger problems’. But getting screamed at by hyperactive ten-year-olds is almost enough to make him quit on day one.


Then he sees Amy Ashworth for the very first time, her black hair shining in the sun – and learns that nothing hits harder than first love.

She’s the only person he knows who reads for fun, or who’s seen Titanic fourteen times. But there’s another side to Amy. Soon, she’s the only person he’s ever been to a wild house party with, or kissed under the twinkling stars. It’s the happiest Joe has ever been… until the terrible day when what’s left of his family fractures into a million pieces.

Caught up in Amy’s whirlwind, Joe can’t bring himself to tell the truth about his life. Would his dad have wanted him to fight for the girl he loves, or protect his family, no matter what?

Only one thing is certain: this is the summer Joe will grow up. But when he looks back decades later, will he be ashamed of his choices? And will Amy still be by his side?


Jodie was a teenager when her boyfriend went missing.

She was the last person to see Ben as they walked home from the cinema.

Ben was never found – and Jodie couldn’t quite escape those sideways looks from some who thought she knew more than she said.

Twenty years on, her father has died suddenly and Jodie is clearing his house.

She’s in the attic when she finds the cardboard box with ‘KEEP’ written on the side.

And there, buried inside, is the distinctive green top that Ben was wearing when he went missing…


Hannah smiles at her guests. In this grand house rented specially for the evening, everyone admires the sparkling chandelier and raises a glass to say goodbye before Hannah moves away from this little town for good. But the next day, one of them lies cold and lifeless in their bed…

The day of her leaving party, Hannah Ford is nervous. With so many secrets and lies over the years between her friends, and arguments between her sisters, is it really a good idea to gather everyone together? But her mother insists that, after Hannah’s divorce and job struggles, she deserves a send-off to remember. So they all plaster on fake smiles and put aside their rifts for an evening of celebrations.

In the morning, one of the guests is found dead.

Hannah is desperate to tell the police. But every single guest has something to hide, or someone to protect. The group insists: they will deal with this themselves. After all, it must have been an accident. Perhaps too much wine, on a night where emotions were running high.

But what if it wasn’t?

And what if this was just the first victim?


The envelope is waiting on the mat when Hope gets home from a weekly big shop. Her name is written on the front in neat capital letters but there’s no stamp and no postmark.

The only thing inside is a newspaper cutting from thirty-four years before. It’s a story is about an infant named Jane, who was snatched from the back seat of a car.

Hope almost dismisses it – except that there’s something about the photo of the stolen girl. Jane is missing a part of her left ear…in the exact same place that Hope is missing a part of hers.

The longer Hope stares at the photo, the more a horrible possibility swirls into view, leaving her to ask herself the barely comprehensible question.
Is this stolen child…me?


Harry, Richard and Paige were inseparable as teenagers; bonded by friendship, living next door to each other – and, eventually, a terrible, unforgettable discovery.

Almost twenty years on and they have gone their own ways in the world.

It’s a cold, winter morning when Harry’s phone rings. Paige’s name is on the screen, a reminder that they haven’t spoken in a long time.

Richard, now a quiet, unassuming accountant, has been arrested for murdering one of their old teachers. They were seen arguing in the hours before the death.

Paige asks if Harry can come home – because, with Richard suspected of one murder, people are now wondering if that their terrible, unforgettable discovery of the past was quite so coincidental after all…


A girl has been left for dead – and now my husband is missing.

‘I can give you a lift home,’ the man says. Little Alice tightens the zip of her big red coat. She’s unsure, but the walk will be cold and dark. ‘I’m not supposed to get in a stranger’s car.’ He forces a smile. ‘I’m not a proper stranger, am I?’

I return home on a chilly winter evening expecting to find my husband, Richard, waiting for me. Marrying him and moving to such a beautiful house in this cosy village is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

He usually comes straight back from work. But, tonight, our antique clock ticks on through the wintry evening, with no sign of him.

Then a knock at the door changes everything.

A 12-year-old-girl, Alice from the village, has been left for dead in the field near our house. They say she was last seen getting into Richard’s car.

As Alice fights for her life in hospital, villagers don’t bother to hire their whispering. There’s always been gossip about our age gap – plus the death of his first wife years ago. Now there’s this.

Is everyone right?
Have they always been?
Is my husband on the run?

And then there’s me, with that long-buried secret which, if the police look hard enough, might finally come back to haunt me.


Samuel is fourteen years old. He lives with his mother in a Manchester flat, goes to school, plays on his computer, reads books and likes the same things that most other teenagers do.

He’s also blind.

And he’s the only witness when his mother is attacked in their own home late one night.

With his hopes hung firmly on her and only his witness statement to go on, DI Jessica Daniel is facing an uphill battle to begin with – and that’s before an unidentified man with a ropey tattoo shows up in a gutter with his head kicked in.

Something strange is happening in Jessica’s team. Someone close to her has a secret – and when it comes out, everything is going to change.