SOMETHING WICKED (Andrew Hunter 1)

Nicholas Carr disappeared on his eighteenth birthday and the world has moved on. His girlfriend is off at university, his friends now have jobs and the police are busy dealing with the usual gallery of scroats and drunks.

But his father, Richard, can’t forget the three fingers the police dug up from a sodden Manchester wood. What happened to Nicholas on the night he disappeared and why did he never return home?

A private investigator is Richard’s last hope – but Andrew Hunter has his own problems. There’s something about his assistant that isn’t quite right. Jenny’s brilliant but reckless and he can’t figure out what she gets from working for him. By the time he discovers who’s a danger and who’s not, it might all be too late…


SOMETHING HIDDEN (Andrew Hunter 2)

Coming to the US: 10 December

Everyone hates Fiona Methodist.

Her war veteran father shot a young couple in broad daylight before killing himself. With all three dead, no one knows the motive, other than that the engaged pair witnessed a robbery and were due to give evidence.

But Fiona knows her dad didn’t do it. He couldn’t have – he’s her father and he wouldn’t do that…would he?

Private Investigator Andrew Hunter takes pity on the girl and, even with stolen bengal cats to find, plus an ex-wife who’s not quite so ‘ex’, he can’t escape the creeping feeling that Fiona might be right after all.