Jessica Daniel series extends to a minimum of nine books

April 30, 2013

This post has been a long time coming – but I thought I’d give everyone an idea of what’s going on with me and my various series.

In short:
– Pan Macmillan have bought three more Jessica Daniel books from me, meaning they will publish a minimum of NINE in the series
– Jessica 5: Playing with Fire is out in the UK in ebook/paperback (Macmillan) /audiobook (published by AudioGo) on 18 July 2013
– The Jessica series launches in the USA in July 2013
– Jessica 6: Thicker Than Water should be out in the UK late in 2013
– Jessica 7: Behind Closed Doors will likely be out in the UK during the first third of 2014
– Jessica 8 / 9 will follow
– My young adult/sci-fi/fantasy series – the Silver Blackthorn trilogy – will begin to come out from spring/summer 2014, with the second book likely to be released later that year
– I am giving up my full-time job as a sports journalist to either, a) Retire; b) Be unemployed; or c) Be a full-time writer, depending on which way you look at it.

I know I said “in short” but there’s a fair bit there!

Essentially, I’ve been trying to juggle two full-time jobs for two years now – that’s 16- and 17-hour days, commuting, and many hours looking a computer screens. For the most part, I did that because I really enjoyed my job as a sports journalist and I liked writing books too.

With my job, I got to work on the London Olympics, which was utterly fabulous. That career was what I wanted to do with myself and I’ve had a great 10 years since I graduated.

The problem is that I simply cannot fit it all in any longer, so had to make a decision.

Think of the Children has (I’m told) done very well for the UK publishers, Pan Macmillan. As far as I know, I’m the only UK-born/based person to self-publish through Amazon and then go on to have a paperback in the UK’s top-20 chart (feel free to correct me).

I’ve also now sold over half-a-million books in the UK…and it’s all gone a bit beyond me sitting on my sofa trying to do two jobs.

That’s 12 books that Pan Macmillan will be publishing from me, with only four of them out at the moment. That still leaves quite a bit of work for everyone.

Something had to give – and it’s not the books, or, hopefully, my sanity.

Lastly, for anyone who enjoyed the Q&A at the back of Think of the Children, I’m doing another one for the back of Jessica 6. There will be a month-long window after the release of Jessica 5 to e-mail me whatever you want, or to post on the Facebook group’s wall.

Thanks for reading,