Jessica Daniel’s summer story for 2012

May 31, 2012

As many of you now know, I have signed a book deal with Pan Macmillan for Think Of The Children to be released in February 2013. Before that, though, Jessica has a story coming this summer.

Full details, including the release date, title, synopsis, cover, etc, will be released at a later date but, for now, here is a short extract.

This is obviously copyright Kerry Wilkinson 2012, etc, etc. You know the drill.

This is an exchange between Jessica, DCI Cole and DI Reynolds discussing her upcoming appearance on the TV news…

‘You won’t be on your own,’ Cole assured Jessica. ‘Rosie is going with you.’
   ‘The press officer woman?’
   ‘Yes, not ours, the one from Greater Manchester. She’s got the contact that enabled us to go on the news.’
   ‘You’ve set that up on purpose as well, haven’t you?’ Jessica asked with an annoyed shake of her head.
   Cole laughed. ‘It’s not all a conspiracy…’
   ‘But she is the most annoying person I have ever met – and that’s saying something.’
   ‘Rosie is a perfect professional,’ Cole replied, although he was smiling, clearly understanding Jessica’s point.
   ‘But she’s always grinning and going on about how “fabulous” everything is. She keeps calling me “darling”. The last time she was here, I was coming back from a job and was piss-wet through. My hair was stuck to my face, my suit was drenched, and she goes, “Oh, what a fabulous look for you, darling”. I looked like I’d been waterboarded.’
   The other two officers were stifling laughter before Cole responded. ‘Just make sure you listen to her advice – she’s an expert at this type of thing.’
   ‘She was an extra on some daytime soap and acts like she’s got a mantelpiece full of BAFTAs at home.’
   ‘Regardless, she’s going with you later, so be nice.’
   Jessica stood up ready to leave but, as she opened the door, she heard Reynolds calling after her. ‘Have a fabulous time, Jess.’

THE END (well not really but for these purposes it is)

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