A few follow-up answers from the Macmillan announcement

March 1, 2012

It has certainly been a busy 24 hours since Pan Macmillan announced their book deal with me…

First off, a big thank you to everyone. I have some great emails and tweets and people have almost entirely been very nice and supportive. It has been incredibly heartening.

I have actually got at least one more really exciting thing to announce in the next few weeks…

I’ve had a few readers’ questions:
– People have been asking about whether or not Jessica will still “feel” liike Jessica once the books have been re-edited. All I can really say is that Pan Macmillan bought the rights BECAUSE of Jessica’s voice in the books. They aren’t looking to change her, they will just be cleaning up some of my clunkier paragraphs and doing their best to make the books better.

– I’m afraid I don’t know how much the books will cost. I wouldn’t even be able to speculate because it isn’t something anyone has discussed.

– Books four, five and six will be released as both paperbacks AND for your Kindles / iTunes, etc. The release should be simultaneous.

After all of that, I have been interviewed in a few different places over the past 24 hours.

Anita Singh from The Telegraph writes about the deal here.
– CrimeFictionLover write about it here.
– Crime author Richard Godwin, who has his own Mr Glamour novel out this month, interviewed me at his blog here.

I also wrote a piece for FutureBook … which is perhaps more for fellow authors.

There was also a new piece out today, which ranked me as one of Amazon’s top 10 UK authors worldwide for 2011. I only started selling at the end of July, so not too bad really.

Finally, I am going to be at the Digital Minds conference in London on Sunday 15 April. You can read details of that here.

So, all in all, quite the 24 hours!

As ever, you can find me on Twitter or email me.

If you have any further questions, drop me a line.