Today my world exploded

February 8, 2012

It’s fair to say I have had an interesting day…

This morning, Amazon UK sent this press release out to all sorts of media organisations.

It explains that I was the number one author on Amazon UK for the final quarter of 2011, while Locked In was the number one book for the same period. I’ve known this for about a week and had to sit on it.

The press release was picked up on internet sites such as Techradar as well as by The Bookseller – which is the UK publishing industry’s trade magazine.

Essentially, after that, things went a bit crazy. This website has had three times as many visitors as it has ever had – even on its busiest day. I have been fielding emails all day from newspapers, agents, readers, writers, trade conferences, festivals and so on.

It has taken me hours to get through it all.

If I had submitted my stuff to agents nine months ago, I’m pretty sure I would have had to wait six weeks to get a rejection letter, now they come to me. It’s pretty surreal.

After all that, I’ve also had publishers come to me directly.

It’s been quite the day. I have now replied to everyone.

I will endeavour to post again tomorrow. Thanks for reading.