Second edition of Locked In released

October 13, 2011
I didn’t realise it when it went live but the digital version of Locked In had conversion problems in it. The biggest thing was missed full-stops and closing speech marks at the end of the sentences. There were other errors of my own making too. I can only apologise to readers for those. I didn’t realise until I got a Kindle myself because my ‘master’ file was correct. It should now be fixed.

As of 10 October, a second edition went live on iTunes and Kindle which should address many, if not all, of people’s concerns.

Kindle does not automatically update you to the latest version but if people contact Amazon customer services and ask, they will send you the latest file for free to overwrite the edition you have on your device.

Unfortunately there is no other way of getting you the latest file. Simply deleting the original file and redownloading will only get you the version you had in the first place. This is Amazon policy because of the way notes and marks work.

From what I can tell, Vigilante is relatively unaffected.

Thanks for the constructive comments and emails.