A busy weekend & record sales


September 12, 2011

Vigilante in the top-20 of its categories

Think Of The Children is now around half-complete in terms of its first draft. It’s not necesarily been harder to write than the other three but I’ve had less consistent time to get into it, meaning I’ve only had an hour here or there to work. I suspect the revision and editing period will be quite brutal when it comes down to it.

Meanwhile, Locked In has had a record weekend on Kindle. With no external coverage, it has re-entered Amazon’s overall top-100 books and broken into the top-five for each of its categories.

Sales on Vigilante have also been doing well, which is particularly pleasing as you’d have to assume most of the people buying book two are people who have read and enjoyed book one.

Either way, I’m really pleased. I hope people continue to enjoy both books.

Locked In has spent four days in the overall top-100

Locked In at No.99