End of August update

August 29, 2011

I’ve been a bit quiet for a week or so, largely because I have been working on book four, provisionally titled, “Think Of The Children”.

Locked In is still selling fairly steadily. It drifts between 220 and 320 in the overall Amazon.co.uk charts but stays in the top-10 for Women Sleuths and top-15 for Police Procedurals. It’s also consistently in the top-100 Crime, Mystery And Thriller books.

On iTunes, it drifted out of the top-50 books and then all the way back up to No.11 again for the Bank Holiday. It’s a bit strange but I’m not complaining.

Vigilante is out on Kindle and iTunes. It’s a little more expensive than Locked In (£1.70 compared to 98p) but sales are OK. It’s in the top-100 for Police Procedurals and top-100 Women Sleuth books on Amazon and, overall, it’s in the top three per cent of books sold on Kindle in the UK too. It isn’t doing too badly as it’s only been out for five days.

Reviews have continued to be good for Locked In too, which is great. I have had one negative review on Amazon – but it is a little strange because it criticises me for using a line that isn’t in the book. There have been some legitimate comments about grammar which I have taken on board. Constructive criticism is very welcome.

Other than that, The Woman In Black needs a thorough rewrite which I will get to at some point when I have a first draft of Think Of The Children. For now, there are still two books out there for people to hopefully enjoy.