Kerry Wilkinson – Jessica Daniel – ebook Torrent – free download

This page is here for the few of you who search for things like: “Kerry Wilkinson ebook torrent”, or “Jessica Daniel ebook torrent”, or “Kerry Wilkinson free download”.

It’s sort of hidden, unable to be found through the general navigation of my site. Pretty much the only way you could have found it is if you’ve searched for something akin to the above, or if Google’s gone a bit mad.

So…c’mon now, play fair. My books are generally quite cheap compared to others’. The new releases are, what, four quid? That goes down to about three quid after a few months.

I come from a council estate – I’ve done shitty jobs in factories and call centres – I know what it’s like to have no money. But, even on minimum wage, that’s half-an-hour’s work. Half an hour!

I work for days, weeks, months to write a story – and that’s just me. There are editors and designers too who do their thing.

If you really, really want to pirate my stuff, there’s not much I can do. But for the sake of thirty minutes’ salary, I’d very much appreciate it if you bought them instead. Honestly, if it’s not worth three quid of your money then why are you even interested in my stuff? There are loads and loads of free ebooks out there. Thousands and thousands of free words begging for you to read them. Why not give them a go instead? If you’re really interested in me, my characters and my writing, then please pay for it. Your interest alone surely means it’s worth it?